Johanna De Ruyter

Johanna began her career in improvisational theatre in the late 1980’s in exploration of some of the tradition’s great masters, namely Jacques Lecoq, Keith Johnstone and the Commedia dell'Arte. Today, Johanna’s work is not confined to the traditional theatre setting or method, being a senior member of the highly successful Playback Theatre Sydney, a unique and dynamic improvised theatre form, which translates and plays back personal stories to theatre.

Johanna is also a facilitator of Leadership Presence training, and Storytelling programs for multinational corporations in Asia Pacific, with The Ariel Group,

Johanna joins By George & Co to share conversation about this grand tradition of theatre and what it teaches us about presence and power in the biggest theatre of them all, the corporation.

Using theatre skills to enhance communication is my passion. For me, the central core of theatre has always been about authentic communication – which is encompassed in the process of creating a show, in the performance itself.
— Johanna De Ruyter