Leigh Hobbs

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Leigh Hobbs creates delight. Working across a wide range of artistic mediums; his connecting link is humour. With 45 years as an artist, and the last 20 as an author as well, his character-driven objects, commissions and literary products range from the Flinders Street Ceramic Teapot, held in The National Gallery of Victoria and State Library of Victoria, to Larry and Lizzy Luna, held in the Powerhouse Museum. However Leigh, who was recently appointed the Australian Children’s Laureate 2016 - 2017, is best known in Australia, the UK & USA for the children’s books he writes and illustrates featuring his creations Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, Fiona the Pig, The Freaks in 4F, Mr Badger and Mr Chicken.

Old Tom was adapted into a French / Australian TV series broadcast on ABC TV. And his book ‘Mr Chicken Goes To Paris’ was shortlisted for the  Prime Minister’s Literary Awards and has been a top seller at The Louvre Museum Bookshop in Paris for six years. It  was also  shortlisted for The Children’s Book Council   Awards, as was Horrible Harriet and Old Tom’s Holiday.

What makes Leigh Hobbs’ literature so successful is his capacity to meet little people’s love for cheekiness. It’s a type of subversiveness that Leigh embeds in the spaces between what he writes and how his characters act upon the page. This artful construction of active engagement is finely honed by Leigh who began drawing at the tender age of six.  Now, Leigh spends much of his time sharing his infectious love for art and humour and colour and line with thousands of children.