10 Poems You Can't Afford To Live Without

Tell all the truth,
but tell it slant.
Tell it slant.
— Emily Dickenson.

Poetry writes the big story small; poetry overhears the music in the intelligence of things; poetry comes from a place beyond mere self and language and society and time. 

It has been said that it is hard to get the news from poems, from paintings. But news of the daily kind is not what art is for. Poetry enlarges and smartens up and complicates and enriches ordinary life.

Cleverness may not last. Nor fashion. But music lasts—the music, in particular, of one’s own true voice, made truer by the disciplines of attention and prosody and syntax and grace, speaking one’s mind, in metaphor, without pretension. And remembering the earth and the Self that your self participates in, the world that precedes the words, in every phrase you make.

All we need is a way in. Men and women, William Carlos Williams said, rightly, live and die miserably every day for want of what is found in poems, the truths they tell. About who we are.

Art lodges deeper than argument.

Champion: Mark Tredinnick
Emcee: Lisa George        
Duration: 2 Hours