The Architecture of Conceptualism


Contemporary art has no purpose, no function - it cannot do the laundry – rather its significance is as a form of philosophy. At the bedrock of this body of reality is Conceptualism. Exponential in its influence, the phenomenon of Conceptualism creates the activated viewer.

Join with Craig Judd in a conversation around such tantalising threads as simultaneity, paradox and exquisite impossibility in the works of significant Australian and International conceptual artists.  Bringing into parlance the strategies and principles that underpin conceptual art, the shared mind of the room will be invited to embrace the grand lineage of Absurdism and Fordism, Marcel Duchamp and Meret Oppenheim, et al, through to Magdalena Jetelova and Mikala Dwyer. 

Realise the methodologies at play through the principles of sight, site and cite and enter the contemporary debates of ideas.