The Making of Cultural Product for Screen Savvy Kids

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The adventures of a leading producer of children's entertainment and his collaboration with an acclaimed writer/illustrator might be regarded as a kind of meta-tale. Set in today’s world of screen-savvy kids, this is a story of stories, how Australian children’s books are re-imagined for the screens of an international audience.

At once a foray into what will fly in living rooms across the globe, this is also a big business venture rife with secrets and unwritten rules. This tale of high finance, artistry and intellectual property brings together new and old worlds over the mythical, the prescient and the make believe. 

So what happens when the producer convinces the creator to step out from his familiar world of publishing? Amongst the uncertainties of financing multi-million dollar film and TV productions, the producer juggles prevailing cultural mores and political correctness to meet the demands of investors, international broadcasters and government bureaucrats.  All of this whilst delicately protecting the intellectual property, aka the magic there upon the page.