Entertaining Ideas


Welcome to our world of edutainment

By George & Co designs and delivers our special brand of corporate and community events. We host them in your boardroom or breakout space, or at an events centre, hospitality venue or conference environment.

Why so special?

We wrangle the world of big ideas through curated conversations combined with hospitality. And, we enrich the experience with our own technologies so that corporate professionals can relate, enjoy and engage.

Imagine the unexpected conjunction of disciplines
teased into a mind expanding conversation at a company luncheon.

Our events differ from those of the popular guest speaker entertainment agencies, which tend to position your people as passive members of an audience. Through the art of conversation, we inspire authentic engagement from everyone involved.

Check out what's Happening Now.
We are designing new events all the time. And, we custom design events to meet specific company goals, including those of retention & engagement, diversity & inclusion, the evolution of the global mindset; leadership development, fostering a learning culture, and more.


An adventurous spirit stems from a humbler attitude that one does not know all things.
— Rosalie L. Tung. Journal of Leadership & Organisational Studies 2014 Vol21(4).

Our events are designed,hosted and delivered by our alliance of communicators and thinkers, educators and philosophers, chefs, scientists, artists, writers poets and performers. 

Experiential Elixirs

Spice up corporate engagement
Enrich shared experience
Deepen conversation
Revivify purpose.