Entertaining Ideas

What do we do?

We design and facilitate cultural activities for companies.

Our methods are innovative and interactive and range from tailored, in-house mealtime conversations to branded celebrations.


Invest in your company assets by nourishing people and brand.

Diversity of thinking is promoted, valued and nurtured. 

Sometime last century 

The world of information became accessible via our hand held devices.  Attention became a commodity. Audiences became impatient. And social media became a thing. Meanwhile, employees became more transient, customers more aware, and the demands on corporate culture escalated exponentially.

Learners not listeners.

Our products and services, which are essentially workshop style and experientially based, are designed to position people as active participants, not passive audience. 

Our input is valuable at corporate conferences, within professional development programs and diversity & inclusion programs, and to support business development activities, stakeholder engagement activities and company celebrations. 

By George & Co Signature Product
Our signature product is a guided mealtime conversation using cultural, artistic or literary content to build team capacity with specified corporate goals.

  • guaranteed to entertain

  • genuinely novel

  • culturally enlivening

By George & Co is an alliance of masterful meaning makers that design, produce, narrate and host your happening corporate events and audience campaigns. We deploy unique methods and technologies to meet contemporary attentional styles and to create authentic and engaging experiences.

We produce literary and visual materials to enhance and/or record your event.

Build Thought Leadership Organically
We work with your internal and external experts, wrangling content with them so that they can promulgate their ideas in ways that are valuable and entertaining for colleagues and external audiences.

We do the leg work with your experts to prepare them for group consultations such as annual business development events or stakeholder seminars.

And we design and host the event, including venue handling, room set up, catering, technology, seating strategy, experiential design, plus MC the event, to ensure its a seamless, sophisticated and highly engaging.

Brand Narratives
From win themes to purpose statements
Are you or your team grappling to articulate and present a set of ideas, or a professional method or unique approach to business?

Do you require support to identify win themes, find your purpose or just build the perfect presentation or interactive event or workshop with a stakeholder group, client or other audience?

We design and host workshops to support you and your teams' ability to put your best foot forward with clients stakeholders or communities.

We work closely with you to elicit, articulate, illustrate and collate ideas. And, we follow through with you to host your audience engagement event (optional) to ensure your people achieve their vision.

Who are we?

By George & Co is an alliance of authors, educators, ethicists, philosophers, scientists, artists, poets and performers, and the occasional management scientist.

An adventurous spirit stems from a humbler attitude that one does not know all things.
— Rosalie L. Tung. Journal of Leadership & Organisational Studies 2014 Vol21(4).
Imagine an unexpected collision of disciplines teased into a thought-provoking and mind-expanding epxperience at a company luncheon or conference dinner.

What art this?

Build your team's capacity to interpret this phenomena in sport, fashion, architecture, story, and all manner of human invention.

Q, Why is Damian Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull, widely considered an object of ultimate desire, now worth much more than the sum of its parts? 

But why?

  • Reinvigorate a love for learning. 

  • Enrich communication.

  • Grow branded content organically.

  • Find voice as thought leaders. 

  • Reward employees with learning.

  • Involve stakeholders meaningfully.

Our Point of Difference.
In everything we do, with every service we offer, we mix it up, changing the experience for your people, engaging them in unexpected ways.

We are an alliance of meaning makers who use mastery of cultural phenomena to surprise and engage.

q. Is this a museum or a telecommunications tower or monumental symbol of mother Russia?
2. Moth rus copy.jpg

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